Actress and singer
Actress and singer
  • Kelowna, Canada
  • February 22, 2020

Nika Louw is a 16-year-old aspiring actress from Kelowna, Canada, near Vancouver who plans to pursue film acting professionally. She has been acting and singing from a young age and has been involved in multiple local theatre productions. Past credits include: Annie in Annie in a school production of the show, Susan Parks in Billy Elliott at Kelowna Actors Studio, and upcoming roles include Tinkerbell in Peter Pan and Young Louise in Gypsy, both at Kelowna Actors Studio. She plans to transition to film from now on, and recently starred in a local promotional trailer. She has also been in a few advertisements and operas.

Special Skills: opera, musical theatre voice, any singing, some dance experience, fluent in English and Afrikaans, semi-fluent in French. Quickly learns lines and languages. Figure Skating and Gymnastics experience,   plays piano and guitar, can do splits, skiing, running.


Sawyer Massacre Promotional Trailer


Kelowna Christian School Video Ad

Kelowna Christian School Radio Ad


2 day acting 101 intensive workshop

School Drama Program



Billy Elliott


Princess Who

After Hours



Peter Pan


Die Zauberflöte- Mozart

Le Nozze Di Figaro- Mozart

Carmen- Bizet

Alison (lead)


Student (lead)

January 2020

Grade 8-11

Annie (lead)

Susan Parks


Princess (lead)

Patti (lead)

Young Louise

Tinkerbell/ Jane (lead)

First Spirit (lead child)

Chorus/ maid

Children’s chorus

Sequanda Films/ Steve Merlo

Kelowna Christian School

Kelowna Christian School

Chad Rook

Kelowna Christian School

Kelowna Actors Studio

Kelowna Actors Studio

Kelowna Actors Studio

Kelowna Christian School

Kelowna Christian School

Kelowna Actors Studio

Kelowna Actors Studio

Opera Kelowna

Opera Kelowna

Opera Kelowna



   MUSICAL: Opera (6 years experience), all singing, piano (level 7), Acoustic Guitar, xylophone

   SPORTS: Figure skating, left leg splits, some dance experience, gymnastics, track and field, skiing,

   Rollerblading, Biking, long distance running

   Other: Visual art, writing, cooking


   English, Afrikaans, French (all fluent or semi-fluent), some experience with Italian, Latin, German


Thank you for your time and consideration!



Personal:, +1 (250)-801-3230

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